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Home » Cooperations / Kooperationen • (What to do in Berlin) is my personal website about Berlin, I started in november 2014. At first wattedoeninberlijn was a mere onepager for me personally, to share pictures and stories about Berlin. However, this changed into a serious website and has become one of the most well known Dutch blogs about Berlin. In 2017, my website became my job and as of 2019, a significant part of my income comes from collaborations with Berlin related companies and affiliates for

I write about almost anything you can see, do or experience in Berlin. Next to that, I try to help out tourists with basic information on where to sleep and eat, and how to travel to Berlin. I write about coffee, musea, restaurants, public transport and of course the hundreds of events happening here each year. This is why I created a fantastic event calendar, which my partner in crime Kees build from scratch. This helps visitors to quickly figure out what they can see or do when they are here, when they want to do something other than seeing the city’s famous highlights. Last but not least I host guided (history) city tours in Dutch on a weekly bases. All in all, I’m offering all Dutch speaking visitors a great start to their Berlin visit with this website. This is why I’m always looking for new cooperations with Berlin based companies, museums or organisations. If you’re interested too, please read further below for an overview of all possible collaborations.

About me

My name is Emma Wijninga. I’m an educated journalist turned marketeer, who became a self employed blogger and tour guide in Berlin. I grew up in the beautiful north of the Netherlands, called Friesland. After my HAVO (secondary school), I studied journalism. I still love news and the rush of scoops, but I decided I was better off as a self employed copywriter and communications advisor (and I was right). Despite some detours in various companies and start ups over the years, I’m very happy being self employed in Berlin. If I’m not working or writing, I’m busy with photography, taking long walks through Berlin or visiting coffee places, restaurants or flea markets. And if there’s an occasion I’m home and chilling on my sofa, I love watching movies, series or Youtube. I also love to read and some occasional embroidery. Here and there I squeeze in some hard rock or metal concerts. I live in Friedrichshain with my fiancée Kees and our two cats, Gilmour and Bowie.

Target audience focusses on the niche group of Dutch and Belgian tourists, who are interested in Berlin. Many already visited Berlin in the past (and come back every year) others are visiting Berlin for the first time. All of them are interested in both history, as the more cultural/culinary side of the city. I try to serve these niches with an interesting mix of (often personal) content, which keeps the focus on this city and as to why they should be visiting. The number of website visitors grows organically year on year and smashes the records every single year. I’m very proud of this!


More than 150.000 Dutch and Belgian vistors come to Berlin each year. On average, my website reaches around 20.000 unique visitors per month (pré corona). My unique combination of content, modern marketing techniques (focussed on organic growth) and a huge passion for my business, helps me to turn these visitors into fans of my website and of Berlin. Together all these visitors view over 40.000 pages each month (feb 2020). On average, a visitor spends 13 minutes browsing my website, usually checking out 2.5 pages per session. I’m super stoked about these numbers and it really motivates me to grow further.

Many Berlin lovers also follow my blog via other channels. This is why I like to be active on social media as well. Here you find the latest figures of february 2019. As I keep my channels free of fake followers or spammy followers, I created a small but very active community.

  • Followers on Twitter: 3000+
  • Followers on Instagram: 3000+

Do you want to see any other numbers? Just send me a message via the form below and I’ll respond as soon as possible. I don’t work with a press kit, as each company wants different things. Due to business reasons I no longer use Facebook actively. Its algorythm makes it too much of a hassle to grow my reach organically.

Interest in a cooperation?

There are several options to promote your product or service on In all cases I create the content for the services below myself, adding my own photography if needed. I do not post content that’s written by others. Since I’m an experience marketeer and SEO-manager, I will SEO-optimize all content I write. Please feel free to fill in the form below on this page to contact me about pricing or any further options.

Sponsored content – Does your comapny offer travel to, events or services in Berlin and do you want me to write about this? I’d love to write an article for you, including my own photography, some proper links and information. If desired, you can also opt for a vlog or video. Give aways are optional.

Review– Let me stay the night in your hotel in Berlin, check out your latest exposition or museum, or invite me to visit your restaurant. I take loads of pictures and write an honest and fair review about your product, service or my experience. My reviews are always honest, and might contain some friendly feedback or some fair criticism. If you lack a large budget, but you would like to be mentioned on my website, it’s always a possibility to be featured in my monthly photo-diaries, called ‘Berlijn in plaatjes’ (Berlin in images). Just ask me about your options!

Linkbuilding – You don’t want any content, but only care about having a link? This is possible, starting 200 euros a year. Based on the SEO scores of your target domain, I decide what kind of link this will be, where it’s placed and in what context. Ten months after placement, we discuss a potential extension. Inquire about this service via the form below, don’t forget to mention the url you want to link to.

Press and stuff

Press releases
Do you want me to read about an event in Berlin or any travel related things? Great, just send me a message via the form below and I’ll give you the needed contact information. I don’t like to receive press releases about events that take place outside of Germany or about non-Berlin related things.

Interviews and media
Great you’re interested in interviewing me about Berlin! I’d love to take some time for you. You obviously have a tight deadline, so please reach out via the form below and send me a quick message via Twitter that you’ve emailed me, so I can take a look.


Use the form below to send me your idea for a cooperation with, or if you want to know more about pricing and my terms and conditions. This is also where you can drop any tips or interview requests.

As I highly value the quality of my content on, I exclusivly work with Berlin-related companies I find fitting my business. This is essential to me, as I want to offer my readers only interesting content that they actually want to see.

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